The importance of the communication

In various posts we have talked about the importance of communication between people and especially with children. When speaking or explaining something to a child, we must have a series of very clear rules:

  1. We must face them with the same naturalness with which the child asks us.
  2. We must be sure what really interests the child and why he asks us: asking the child first about what he thinks in advance will give us the possibility to prepare and guide the answer.
  3. We must take into account the age of the child, in order to give our answer based on it.
  4. We must be clear and brief, it is not necessary to give more information than necessary.
  5. We must make the child see that their doubts are resolved by their reference adults, and that they can always go to their parents to resolve their problems and concerns.

The fact that children see that their parents answer their questions, are willing to solve their doubts, and see that they respond naturally, clearly, adjusted to their age and without nerves, fosters trust between parents and children and can generate a climate conducive to dialogue.