Physical activities

Exercise in childhood

Improves their physical training and self-esteem, enhances their social values and their relationship with the environment. They also have a lot of fun. If you lack any reason to motivate your child to exercise, you will find it here.

Apart from practicing individual or group sports, there are other types of routine activities that can favor the training and physical preparation of the little ones. They are as follows:

Through everyday tasks

  • Walk and ride.
  • Up and down stairs.
  • Get around by bike, rollerblades or skateboard.
  • Help with housework.

Through directed physical activities

  • School physical education.
  • Practice of games and sports.
  • Development of physical qualities.
  • Physical condition.
  • Body expression.
  • Activities in the nature.

Directed physical activities in free time

  • Go to dance class, gymnastics, swimming …
  • Train on a sports team.