The ways in which education has evolved

The forms in a world where the barriers and structures of the traditional were demolished by the internet, in the last decades the conformation of multiple forms, devices and structures have begun to make a difference between generations, the generations of now are overexposed to multiple forms of entertainment, knowledge and leisure, which has changed his ability to understand and concentrate, mobile devices have opened the doors to different worlds.

Skills have been challenged as the forms change, the ways of consolidating knowledge are now subject to the subject, not to schedules, it is a constant of rhythm and responsibility, making only the students truly responsible for what they do. learn and what they want to learn, the remains and limits will only be imposed by them with the guidance of teachers, a place where limits are increasingly reduced to create new forms of development and society.

Create suitable spaces to develop or make better use of all these skills or specialties.

Make it useful

The amount of information that is stacked, becomes essential at the same time as irrelevant since in many cases students do not have the focus to be able to assimilate or give it an orientation; It is here where educators must be guides and curators, training must result in a function where the individual has to begin to train to result in the social, from that individual to create a plot in which feedback can be given towards the social, These constructions will strengthen the groups because they respect the individual in a group way, and give them responsibility for the contributions they make.

Each student has a vision and a way of assimilating the concepts, the idea is to be able to offer them on the same group knowledge, individual ways for them to adapt and build, to be able to develop their interests, finding themselves in a process alongside their peers, doing that exercises or tasks result in significant contributions, in quality processes, and in the concept of satisfactory learning, all from the power to involve and participate as the process.

Consistency in the punctual

The amount of stimuli that can be generated in an environment for various reasons, and increasingly as the screens of cell phones and computers invade spaces, attention focused on a single process for long hours is impossible, Minds are created to focus on short bursts, in this way programs and techniques have to focus on simplifying information, making it meaningful and central, making the most important of information seem paramount.

Make the contents focus attention in a time interval of 5 to 15 minutes, with processes such as concept maps, infographics, videos, used in such a way that their use is in main parts of the modules or topics, this will be reflected in Using short tests or developments of specific concepts, this feedback will allow the assimilation of the information to be better and present lasting results.

The visual as a way to enrich

Relying heavily on teaching in text today with a large amount of resources is falling into a cliché, the processes are directly impacted in a positive way with the visual, a useful tool that will improve learning and memory; They are easy to understand and assimilate, as well as immediate, in addition to concentrating the total attention of the students on the board, this way of energizing will make the student focus on the visual as a way of learning.

The idea of this construction is that it be clear, concise, that it focuses its image on something specific to be able to break it down, it should be remembered that excess images, colors or shapes can saturate the understanding, it must be kept clear and simple.

The key to interaction

The didactics of being able to increase participation, is created with the idea of going further, making it applicative, involving in the process, using the interactive to show weaknesses, being able to develop concerns, being able to show progress, or improve understanding, being able to combine the Intellectual element with the dynamics will make people feel confident and find points of weakness or strengths in their learning process.

The mobile within spaces

Being able to create favorable environments can make a difference, promote places in which they can interact with technology from comfortable spaces, or places that make them feel comfortable, makes the appropriation of knowledge more pleasant and enjoyable, this fact shows that the information to be at hand, collapses spaces such as school or classrooms, you can learn from anywhere, from comfort, the idea is to break with these spaces to be able to provide organizations where they can exploit their skills, guided from certain parameters, but always with the idea of creating something new, of empowering, of creating opportunities for skills.