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San Nicolás


Testimonials Former Students about the Institute

Once a Dragon Always a Dragon We invite you to meet some of our alumni, we will learn about their achievements, challenges, goals and experiences, they will tell us about the impact that being part of the Edinburgh family had on their lives.

Evolving intelligence

The ways in which education has evolved The forms in a world where the barriers and structures of the traditional were demolished by the internet, in the last decades the conformation of multiple forms, devices and structures have begun to make a difference between generations, the generations of now are overexposed to multiple forms of …

Student focus

Learning-centered approach The learning-centered approach implies a different way of thinking and developing teaching practice; questions the paradigm focused on repetitive teaching, of a transmissive-receptive nature that prioritizes the acquisition of declarative, inert and decontextualized information; and its main reference is the constructivist and sociocultural conception of learning and teaching, according to which learning consists …

Physical activities

Physical activities Exercise in childhood Improves their physical training and self-esteem, enhances their social values and their relationship with the environment. They also have a lot of fun. If you lack any reason to motivate your child to exercise, you will find it here. Apart from practicing individual or group sports, there are other types …


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